Recreate a daedalus shortcut? [Windows]

Hello everyone,

I just run a windows update which apparently deleted all my daedalus shortcut (from the start menu and the desktop) and it seems that I cannot run directly from the executable in the folders.
Anyone knows how to recreate a proper shortcut to be able to launch without reinstallling?
If someone on windows could have a look of what are the properties of the shortcut (probably a link to the executable with some extra parameter)

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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My shortcuts properties say:
“D:\Program Files\Daedalus Mainnet\cardano-launcher.exe”

But I am not sure this will make it work. maybe there have been some registry changes because of the update. Did you try to just reinstall daedalus at the same location? So no need to delete anything but just run the installer and point to the same location.

Also make sure you got your recovery phrase before doing anything!

Hello @Anslume

You can just go into “This PC” select a drive you have Daedalus on. Type “Daedalus” in search. It will show as Daedalus Mainnet, click open location folder. Then you can just drag and drop that link from that folder anywhere you like. Such a task bar, for example.

Hope this helps :smiley: