Redemption Key and earning ADA by owning it

How do I get my Redemption Key to start earning ADA. Never received an email. Also, I heard we earn ADA by just owning it. How do I get it and how much does one earn?

You hold ada in wallet and put to “staking mode” this is not active yet till Q2 this year

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Oh, ok thank you.

I think the redemption key was only relevant during the startup phase.

Ok, thanks

Yup, just to confirm like what Rob said. The redemption key was for those who participated in the voucher sale. You can ignore this when setting up your wallet :slight_smile:

Ok…Thank You

where to see option for staking mode on wallet please? thx

Staking hasn’t started yet, I don’t believe there’s an option within the current version of the wallet but if there is it won’t have any effect. Look out for much more info on staking over the next few weeks.

thx appreciated your help…Cheers-

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