Relay node not seeing funds

Funds where transferred 72 hours ago to addr1v8aazvl9ch3xg7dpfje4zdu8vptr7n2k2c2xs5jhaztt9nsdkxggr

but for some reason my relay node is not seeing them

[cardanonode@server1 keys]$ myWallet

Version-Info: cli 1.25.0 / node 1.25.0 Scripts-Mode: online

Address-Type / Era: payment / shelley

No funds on the Address!

Could it be because the node is not synced yet? Is there possibly a command to check the sync status?

i see 505ADA on, is there a reason why you are trying to view the balance on your relay. your address key should be on your block producer

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hi, thank you! oh i thought it’s sort of a pre-flight checklist. So it’s okey that the msg is there? I see it as one of the steps in the tutorial which is making sure that the funds are there.

re-reading your whole message the reason you can’t see your balance is because the node isn’t fully sync’d like you said (as long as your variables are correct). your transaction would have happened more recently in time so you have no view of it yet.

it is good practice to keep address files and key files off the relay nodes

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gotcha, thank you. What do you think is the best way to check the sync status (if that’s possible)

install gLiveView that will show useful info such as sync status, i’m surprised that wasn’t in your guide

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great thank you, yep guess it’s incomplete

When did you send your funds to the address ?
Beware of the fact that you will be able to see your funds only when your nodes are synched upto the epoch and block when the transaction was recorded in the blockchain

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Hi, as of today’s it’s been 5 days.

Turned out to be not a very good and apparently incomplete tutorial… fixed everything by redoing the install with additional steps

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