Release Cardano Node 1.32.1 affect on minter

Hello together,

i still have on my todo list to update our tooling to match with the current cardano-node release.
As of today we use the cardano-node to process our CutyMal mints of

  • Asset Name Format Change. Note that asset names are now output in hex format when querying UTxO entries. Any user who is relying on asset names to be represented as ASCII text will need to change their tooling. As a temporary transitional solution, it is possible to use Cardano-cli version 1.31 with node version 1.32.1 if desired, or to continue to use node version 1.31. This will not be possible following the next hard fork (which is expected in early 2022).

Source Release Cardano Node 1.32.1 · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

Before version v1.32.1 i created a mint transaction with the UTF8 name:

–tx-out addr1q9uq6sq92y992av7uxwy4wyafg78j797phgeyfpg2044p70fmf34ml9qsckn7zrgmle9lt2usmu6ehulr77prnr3zk7s8yp06k+2010006+‘1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.CutyMal06408 + 1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.CutyMal06409 + 1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.CutyMal06410’ \

Is it now right to just convert the UTF8 name into Hex and pass that to the transaction ?

–tx-out addr1q9uq6sq92y992av7uxwy4wyafg78j797phgeyfpg2044p70fmf34ml9qsckn7zrgmle9lt2usmu6ehulr77prnr3zk7s8yp06k+2010006+‘1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.437574794d616c3036343038+ 1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.437574794d616c3036343039+ 1 b84d709a29b5f2f0f79d48941df55d3e5823a1ecc290a6091d1f6841.437574794d616c3036343130’ \

If so i would need to do the conversion when loading the actual json which has the prepared data for the mint.

If thats all what we need it’s rather simple for us, as we have the software in C# and already prepared a lib which deals with these regular conversions from utf8 to hex, from hex to bech32 and so on.

If it would be necessary to create a fingerprint, it would be a different thing.

Please confirm that the proposed way is the correct one.

Is no one here who can answer that question ?