Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Yup, you got it right until there are no more sellers, and ADA sits in strong hands, people who are in for the long term and are not going to sell. They will pick up that supply, and thats when we have reached the buttom - but these people are not going to be your average joe.


unfortunately, that could be a very very long time with the number of coins in circulation


Yes if we have entered a crypto-bear market - but see it as a positive - if you like ADA at 0.27, you should LOVE it at 0.10, or 0.05 we have already seen what it can do in a bull-run, cracking 1 dollar easy. So if the crypto-space continues ADA is definitively going to be one of the top projects.


yeah … means i’ll have to sell and buy back lower since I’m stretched already on capital, but at least i could pick up more coins that way. It doesn’t seem like the reversal is imminent, but almost certainly, the second I sell it’ll turn around and cost me more money, so I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when I do it. lol.

I should sell like 1 coin to see if I can trick Karma into serving up a nice bull reversal


Thats not what it means :stuck_out_tongue:

See thats the thing. you are trying to time it. Because if it starts going up, you rush back in… You have to be in enough to not be affected if it goes up… and if it goes down buy more. Go ahead if you want try and time it, but I cant recommend it at all. It could go up tomorrow to 0.50 cents, you buy in, and it goes back to 0.25, Like all things could happen - you are hurting your average in the process.

One thing you could do is go cash with some of the position, so you are not all in and stressed out about the price and you have opportunity to buy on more dips.


Yeah… it’s time IN the market not TIMING the market, Just HODL, and all that.

I could go partly to BTC to take advantage of further downward moves, but it’s pretty late in the game to be playing around like that.

I definitely want to pick up more coins, but I’m also not interested in losing money on a trade because that’s just not my style :sunglasses:


Yup I know… This is somehow how most people are wired, I have no idea why… But its exactly why the market takes all their money and puts them in my pocket… Its the same psychology in any market. again again and again… It doesn’t even matter if you tell people exactly how it works, it doesn’t change their behavior… Ive always found it fascinating… Thats why I am also just so open on this forum, I know it makes no difference what so ever, people are going to behave just as predicted… I guess its just nature.

Good luck to you! :slight_smile:


Real conversation between my wife and I…a few minutes ago…
Me: You remember that vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic that I promised you for the summer?..
Wife: Yes
Me: I need those 3.5K dollars to buy more Cardano if it hits 25 cents
Wife: F@ck you…sell your Porsche and invest it in Cardano, you may be able to buy a Lamborghini in 5 years
Note: She was already pissed at me because I convinced her to invest 1500 bucks of her money when ADA was 40 cents…:sweat_smile:


Haha :sunglasses:


is she worth HODLing…

Anyway if it goes to 0.25, I wouldn’t go all in, break it into pieces, like just 1500… Sit on the fence with the other for even lower prices, and if it doesn’t come, you dont put it into the market… Its your money you do what you want, but being all in Is just bad for your decision-making process.


Agreed, the plan is in 5 cent steps…if hits 0.25…500…0.20…500…0.15…500…0.10 all in with the rest…and if it keeps dropping…sell the Tron and get ADA…if keeps dropping sell the Stellar and get ADA…if it still drops more, sell the POE and get more ADA…:sunglasses:…ADA is a 5 year plan anyways…


Yeah OK if you have these others coins, Its not ADA I would be worried about :smiley: How much % of your portfolio in Tron?


like 60 dollars worth…LOL, original investment was around 40


Good… :smiley: I dont think there is any floor under Tron.


It may be worth negative 10 cents soon…that’s why I put it first to sell


Tron and these other shit coins might be going up right now, while ADA is going down, makes people dump the good to buy the bad but these are only short to medium term trends. They will be the people pushing ADA to new highs in the future.


On another note, personal experience…when the market crashed in 2008, I saw the company (that I used to work for) stock drop from 80 to 20…at the time of crash I was putting in the minimum (what the company match at 100%)…right after the crash I maxed out my contribution to the limit allowed by the IRS, and I ended up doing pretty well, it went back up to 80 by the end of the 5th year. The lesson I learned was “be patient and think long term”…I know the crypto market is NOT the same as the stock market, but thinking strategically applies to both, buy (or bet) only the money you can loose, make “good bets” and do not expect “immediate results”… I just feel Cardano is the best bet in crypto (looking forward)…


Exactly, in many ways they are exactly the same as they are both markets… But yeh since that deals with actual companies there is a lot less volatility and the cycles are a lot slower.


Unfortunately the obvious sell points have already passed us by. TA’s have been saying 2700 Satoshi for weeks. Nobody is saying sell now. Volume is up slightly. The question is how low does it go before instituional money is satisfied. right now in terms of fiat we are less then 25 % off the all time high. If you want to upgrade your position with short term sells I would say that you should work on short terms. Sell at time like yesterday when we go that little short boost and and wait for another big dipp or slight flattening out to buy back.

But I would just wait. If you get a number you really like buy more out of fiat. Remember even at the crash we got a low of 25 cents and their is also a road map update on the 6th. Last roadmap update didnt do much for the price. Should be litttle harm in day trading with say 10 percent of your stake. Or buy a bot find the right settings and start making bank to put into ADA. All this being said I myself will be sitting pat so all preceeding is just words


Personally i think the magic ada number is 25 cents. Just something I saw when i was trying desprately to get cash organized to buy in in december.

Also bit coin i think has proved that it is above downward channell and has it as the support. The support is descending but there is ascending support that crosses the channel at 9000 so unless we get a suddent bear rush of gargantuan strength thats where were at. Not sure if this inverse head and shoulder will complete itself…if it does look out sky.