Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Yep, I have been watching this for the last 30 minutes, and they just keep walking the wall further down in price…I started watching at 34999…now they walked it down to 34660…slowly but surely going down…34472


I have been watching on adabtc they have eaten through serious walls but when the sell walls are eaten through then the price falls…its just a whale game. its very frustrating


WAO…buyers literally ate up the wall on Binance…like a gazillion small purchases at 34470…ate up an over 800K ADA wall


The walls have been being eaten on btc since 2700…serious walls lots of them


It’s interesting that they’re playing the same game against ETH that they are against BTC… I’m becoming more convinced that this is one seller given the timing of the pulls of sell walls being synchronized, and the amounts are typically the same on all the walls. They definitely want to keep the price around $0.30 - $0.32 - that seems to be the accumulation zone, and the walls get pulled when it goes much lower than that.


i concur good sir


keep in mind the kwon trade is still 52 percent of total trade volume


Well i hope this is there way of getting a value stable coin :sunglasses:


Only way to keep up is to get your own bot I guess


Tron has proved me wrong…good thing I did not sell it yesterday…:sunglasses:…I found the reason for the boostCaptureCapture2


How has it proved anything wrong? It was added to a new exchange and got pumped, nothing changed, TRON is still shit - shit can still pump though, but It is the downside risk that is the issue. Probably wont be long before Its back under that pump and eventually it will change nothing. :sunglasses:

But congratulations on the 18 Dollars! - that is if you actually sell before its down under.


OOOOOHH nobody new is buying, nobody new is buying, nobody new is buying…andddddd we continue to spiral down the drain…

that being said volume is still on the rise

Everyday decent TA who was putting out stuff on cardano at 4000 sats said sell you fool…did I sellll noooo of course not.

Peace folks

#236 im only actually posting this because well crypto desi is well pretty hot. sorry ladies…well that and you know wishful thinking.


Meh… Hate to see… We are going lower boys… Once people start putting the arrows in the other direction we can start.


yep you are probably right nothing has changed…she is hot though


Yeh she is, but many are - but unlikely she made the charts lol, It is just easier to get followers with such a profile-pic.


Hey allow me my delusions…urgh


Haha… Well just to break them for you completely… I found her on a website sharings pics etc. all the way back from 2010… So yeah definitely not her.

The whole alps and ski instructor from Wyoming was just too odd for me…


nooooooooo…gorgeous young ladies with fake boobs are my number one generality for a trustworthy crypto TA…How will I find another one :frowning:


Just keep pretending :dizzy_face:

It is kinda creepy though, some dude is pretending with all the (<3) etc.