Relentless Slide vs. BTC


So you want to say market cycles go slower now than years ago? … ok


Yes the markets are slower today than originally, yes. Just go look at a logarithmic 10 year chart of Bitcoin.


This is going back to 2013 only, as you can see, the earlier we go back the more movement there is and if we can go back to 2008 it would be exponentially that way. The higher the market cap, the higher the amount of people involved the slower it gets. It is very obvious even without proof. The next bear market we enter, will be longer than the previous if we are in a bear market. The last one in Bitcoin was 1-1.5 year, so the next one in Bitcoin (assuming it wont be the last) will prob be 2-5 years.

For many alt-coins the last bear market was 4-5 years, like litecoin.


What exchange is that ?


Copy of something I’ve replied to a different topic, but it can easily fit in here (with some extras and editing)

"Usually when u are in a bouble/speculative market, you have two kind of assets,

  • Those that Keep growing with nothing really changing in terms of product, they depend just on retail boosts
  • Those that have good news but move sideways or have a slight dip despite the good news.

With the second group two things are possible.

  • Investors belive in concept but are waiting on proof for product development before making a move.
  • They are gathered silently, situation in with they will push the price lower for the next 12-24 months.

Best example, look at xrp and the list of partnerships in the last month … With every partnership announced, xrp actually went down… Ask why, consider the fact that large investment groups usually are looking at 10 years time frames, and u will understand that sometimes pushing a price down has its purpose."

The reasons why I do not expect the side move, slight down trend to last more then 2years and not 4-5 year bear market (like it was stated before) are:

  • the retail market is no longer reduced to just a couple of enthusiasts,
  • the technology is getting already implemented in solid case studies (early adoption stage),
  • there is a certain amount of FUD in the traditional markets, that would make even conservative professionals to look at crypto and DLT


There is hope! Finally breaking out of the bear channel we’ve been stuck in for the past couple of weeks. Let’s see if it gains some traction this time.


I am with you on this one…we are dancing around 2550 to 2650 (yellow line - Lower support line). If we make a break above 3000, and move over 3500, I’ll start thinking we may be out…But if we go under 2300, I think we may go below 2K sat

s…perhaps to the next support line of 1K sats.Other indicators do not show a Bull yet…;-(…But good for me, as I will buy MORE !!


Hanging around the .236 fib line… if that breaks, there’s no support until 1200 sats, then if that breaks we’re all the way back down to 400 sats. Not a pretty picture. It’s a make or break moment for ADA in my view. If current support doesn’t hold, a 100% retracement in price to the flatline of October-November becomes extremely probable given the weak nature of the support at 1200 sats.


Here is a basic question for you all.

Should I be going Bitcoin to ADA or Eth to ADA or does it matter?

Sorry I think I’m dyslexic as basic math is not my strong suit.



That depends on what you’re trying to accumulate… if you want more BTC, trade against that. If you want more ETH, trade against that. If you want more ADA, trade against whichever one has the most bullish market conditions for ADA.


I think @Donnybaseball meant to know if there is a best option to buy ADA with between BTC and ETH.
These past few months, ETH has been faster and cheaper in fees than BTC to transact.

So Geoffrey, you will probably wait longer to get your BTC before converting to ADA than you would wait if you choose ETH, which is faster and cheaper. Even though it seems that Bitcoin has solved their transacting fees issues

FYI, Here are BTC live list of unconfirmed transactions:
ETH List form:
ETH Chart form:


I agree with you @CosmosX , it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want to trade ADA as in daily buying and selling, you would need to think about which currency (BTC or ETH) will be stronger in the future, since you will trade vs that counter part.

But if you are a long term investor, there is literally no difference between using BTC and ETH as payment, besides maybe the speed of transaction.



I agree that Cardano could use an image boost in the media. Let me know what you think about this idea to help Venezuela with a mass adoption plan: Cardano Forum

Article providing brief context: Helping Venezuela with Crypto. DavidHay’s Mass Adoption Plan


You want to be trading in both at different times. Right now Btc has solidified but it is under serious resistance on the 12 . Eth decoupled from BTC after the crash…it was trading at ratio of 10 to one. At this point therefore ether is the stronger bet for that reason. However, the market has been eating itself that is to say that since the correction btc has been a market cannibal instead of bringing money to re establsihing the market cap. So you you have to wait to see new money coming into the market at which point ALTs in general…and ETH is one of them will catch up.

One reason to trade in BTC is that it makes the market. If you have a feel for how btc is moving you will gain a feel for how the rest of the market will move as well. It is still the obvious prime mover. Ether by the way has serious competition this year Bitcoin is still Bitcoin.


Thanks everyone!


Really there should be 100% collateralised fiat currency tokens: USD, EUR, GBP – as tether promised, but almost certainly has not provided.


Yen will be the first


My rules for investing!

  1. Only invest in organisations or projects that you believe in
  2. Never invest simply to earn money, invest in the belief
  3. If you believe in the investment you will make money
  4. Be patient …. trust and be patient …. believe and be patient …. know and be patient
  5. Be patient when others are being impatient and panicking
  6. Be prepared to watch your portfolio fluctuate dramatically knowing that in the near future your belief will come to fruition

I believe in this organisation, the people behind it and what they are trying to achieve, they are ahead of the game, have a great business plan, are open and transparent in their communications, provide more constant reports of progress than any others, and are well respected in the global financial, business and government environments. I see a huge future here.

I am from the over-50’s generation, and have little technological capabilities, however I view the current crypto markets in a different light. Others of the more mature generation within mainstream government, financial and media circles are simply going through the process of change.
Stage 1: Denial
o oblivious of blockchain technology and evolving opportunities and possibilities in past years
Stage 2: Resistance
o Countries and financial institutions have been reactive rather than pro-active, financial institutions have publicly condemned cryptocurrencies in ignorance and feeling threatened, government and international policies are limited, taxation guidelines are vague, urgent reviews to discuss how to regulate the industry.
Stage 3: Exploration
Stage 4: Commitment

Some financial institutions have reached Stage 3 and are exploring the technology, they can see possible changes in the future to ‘The New Order’ and some have progressed to the early phases of Stage 4 by accepting selected cryptocurrencies as a currency and also by establishing processes for transfer of funds using selected digital currencies. Some governments have reached Stage 4, I am pleased to say Australia has regulations and tax guidance in place, even though it is still in its early stages, but has also supported the use of cryptocurrencies by providing a grant in Western Australia for a project using an Australia digital platform and cryptocurrency. Financial investors worldwide have begun exploring possibilities and developing portfolios.

Where am I leading? We are on the rise of an adoption curve. The general public tested the waters in December and then panicked with the negative media. The general public are keen for change but need to trust in the systems and products, they have a lot to learn. Don’t forget, you are streets ahead of the majority in your knowledge! In the near future, the financial institutions will adopt the technology and from there, the general public will follow. Which organisations will the mainstream financial organisations and governments want to partner with or engage? The ones with a well-respected team, a good business plan, a measured approach, transparency, leading edge technology, good reporting and communications, and reliability. Oh, yes, that would be organisations like IOHK, Cardano, and currencies like ADA!!! 

Do we not have a responsibility as investors, to support the organisation and those who are working hard to achieve outcomes that will ultimately provide us with rewards? Maybe we should be asking, what can we do to help? Maybe we should be posting our support in forums and on twitter, teaching our parents, grandparents and their friends about it?
Just a thought!


Other than #3, I totally agree.



I agree 100% with Sally on this one and believe that the transparency and professionalism behind the Cardano project will lead to adoption by financial institutions and governments. This will lead to widespread adoption by the general public and a large increase in ADA value. It is easy to get swept up in the day to day of watching ADA drop below and hover around $0.30 USD, but that’s not why I’m in it… I’m betting on the long term.

Furthermore, while it is nice to see the price go up and know that my investment isn’t for naught… I also dread it going up because I want to buy more… which is easier to do when it is valued lower. :slight_smile: