Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Well, my guts tell me this is going to happen…


wait!! I haven’t bought enough!!!


It will wait


I’m fine to HODL but it’s now well below my average price.


Whole market went down!


Yes we are fucked (pardon my french) perhaps bitcoin has only risen to suck all the money out of the alts and once they are all sucked out thre rug will be pulled out from it as well and we will find ourself insomething more than a correction…in total collapse…but hey HODL :smiley:


from where in France ?


Somewhere between the lovely villages of Mon Dieu and Putain. :smile::joy:


actually it’s little hamlet that goes by ville de connard :stuck_out_tongue: The population is small but distinguished.


Yes but Cardano is an experiment. Remember that IOHK builds cryptocurrencies for a living in and of course they are open source. There is nothing to stop them from building a large company, bank or country for that matter there own crypto-currency or for said instituion to use what is learned by cardano to have someone one else develop their BC or CC.

We who have invested and will presumably in the future stake our Cardano are supporting a reasearch community or a think tank. If I was a large institution I would be trying to usurp this technology not adopt it.That might be a touch on the cynical side but it makes much more sense to me? I hope that projects like ambrosus for instance will flourish. But isn’t it more likely that a company like pfizer will simply build their own BC


I think the processs ( having to buy bitcoin, wait several days for it to clear and the ridiculous wait time for clearance on the only few exchanges we have to buy or sell ADA) of buying ADA is extremely discouraging and will not get new buyers until the buy sell process is streamlined like the NYSE!!!


I strictly use Ethereum to trade for ADA…in Coinbase I buy ETH instantly from my checking account, send it to Binance (about 5 mins), and I am ready to trade for any Crypto within 15 minutes of buying the Ethereum…


Well to bay fair I think that American exchanges are particularly bad in this regard, especially coinbase. The exchange I use alows me to bank in fiat almost instantaneously and then purchase out of a choice of about 20 cryptos. ADA is not one of them yet. Of course you can do this with ADA at this point in korea. generally those fiat trade prices are higher no matter what country you are in. Obviously the more direct fiat parings it has around the globe the easier it is to buy and the more solidified it will be as a legitmate buy option for casual crypto buyers


Are you sure? Which exchange is this?

Fiat to crypto coinbase is one of the only exchanges that does this in a convenient manner.

Almost everyone else uses tether or Crypto CFDs if they have easy exchange.


They are not american exchanges. Im not american nor do I reside in america. I know of several exhanges in various asian countries that have a multitude of fiat to crypto direct buy ins


Ok lets get one on the list, name one. Which allows easy-internal transfer back and forward for trading between crypto and fiat.


UpBit for one… it does Won to ADA direct trading.


They are not easy international transfer. I didnt say that. you have to transfer from local bank acounts


Great! yup they do.


It’s probably a royal pain to get the fiat out of South Korea though unfortunately, but great if you live there.