Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Thailand, philipines, SK, idnonesia…all these countries have direct pay from local bank acounts for a fairly wide variety of cryptos. on thai bx you can hold fiat on the exhange and trade in and out of them.


Know your customer and anti money laundering laws in the US are so overbearing now that its very onerous to setup a fiat to crypto exchange in the states. The US Gov’t can’t even get their story straight on whether they are going to treat bitcoin as a commodity or money, much less set clear guidelines for how to operate exchanges and handle reporting.


If you think you can make your living in crypto …or just have allot of money you want to get out of the space. move to the phillipines.


well this happened today thats why everything started crashing… or at least it was the trigger.


Im not sure. If you look at the last big correction 4 years ago it followed a similar pattern. We were also hitting a very clear restistance. Allot of people who had medium postion saw they could get some of there money back and dumped. But what do I know


Yeah it was due.


My initial off-the-cuff 2cents is that this FUD/regulatory driven slide in price is preceding the entry into the crypto space by a massive wave of institutional money. Tech-minded people and libertarians having hodl of so much of these digital assets simply won’t do! It’s in the institutional money/funds’ best interest to sow as much doubt and “shake as many of the trees” as possible, before making their entry en masse.


I dont really buy this whole “institutional” money thing, remember these institution hold money for other people, and these people would/can just get involved with crypto themselves - institutions dont want to get involved since they would be liable, its very limited what institutional money can get involved with. So I dont believe we will see any significant inflow of institutional money - until we get some actual use-cases… and even then it would be hard to believe… They would just invest in companies that are involved, or in block-chain technology related companies…

Why would institutions ever buy bitcoin? they dont even hold gold… (such a small % do)

Institutions will use it as money, if it ever becomes money, but thats a different story.


My view on institutional money is different. There is already institutional money in the space. High risk hedge funds. But I think the boon of institutional money has interest BC not crypto. So when I think of instituions of mutlinationals that will use the examples set by crypto to set up their own BC and currencies. These starts ups will either get bought or simply copied by companies, banks, states with far greater experience, resources and influence. The whole space is just think tanks built on the back of speculators. Those think tanks buy the way, the people who set them up and work for them are making a ton of coin and will have great jobs for themselves in the future. Im starting to see this more clearly. Im holding my ADA cause you know f it why not. But it’s hard not to maintain this point of view on the whole and I d love some one provide evidence to the contrary


The FUD may have had an affect on how quickly the price dropped, but it was going to drop anyway because BTC is inside a very well defined trading range, and had already been rejected at the top of the range heading back down so there was no reason for traders to keep holding at that point. Once we hit the bottom of the range, assuming it holds, we’ll see another large buying spree. How that will affect Cardano is anybody’s guess, since Cardano doesn’t seem to follow any rules of the road as far as technical analysis goes.


seems to be a pretty vicious bear flag forming.


I wouldn’t mind ADA dropping another 100 satoshi today.


Do you still not get it? I thought I’d leave you a couple of weeks. I know some people are kinda slow around here.


I just said fukkit and went all in on Ada. It hit rock bottom. All uphill from here… wooooo hoooo!


Sadly rock bottom is way down from current position


I think people will start buying it up all weekend. Tax returns are coming in, spring fever, low prices. Good time to buy!


I disagree for now. .18 USD is rock bottom for today. I’d like to call it for a week but I’ll be a little loose on that one.


Atm cardano is on downtrend to 1000-1500 sats, it all depends on overall market and btc price, basicly we are left on the market`s mercy.

edit : there is a chance korean`s save the day but doesnt look very promising


.18 USD is rock bottom Koreans or not…for today at least based on my analysis.


Do u realise USD value doesnt matter at all but for BTC?