Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Overall impact is negative imo, politicians are crooks, the laws around the world are so screwed up because some politician’s coerced the public into voting their idea of law to be law, but I think if the regulation is a law in your area you better abide by it cause prison looks like it sucks, but the truth is that regulators are phony and get rich knowing the ins and outs of how to create a loophole to get rich, and everything I have seen is they have identified blockchain technology as the next way to make money…

Regulation will deliver crypto to the masses, and tear it out of the libertarian hands that created it.


fear’n’greed baby.

we are at the point where people start to wonder if it could all go to zero.


Hey guys, is this the bottom, is this the bottom you guys?

I’m gonna catch a falling knife today.

feeling lucky.


I think between 8 and 12 cents will be the bottom…what that will be for btc ratio, who knows.


$0.11 will be the bottom


If bitcoin drop to $2000, $0.11 will not be the bottom.


“Regulation will deliver crypto to the masses, and tear it out of the libertarian hands that created it”
My fear too. Just look at xrp.


If btc drops to 2000 bottom will be ico price, but thats extremely unlikely, imo 2k btc is not possible. 3.5k is my bottom on btc but if we reach this level it will last few minutes, on the other hand noone knows how long the recovery will take. My target is 6-7k BTC with 0.10 - 0.15 ADA. I was holding 100% ada but sold 60% for BTC and will wait to see what happens next, thats my safest bet to minimize the losses.


Tell me more about the Bitcoin ICO price… and why 2k is not possible…


I was talking about ADA bottom if btc hits 2k, also as u see i said imo 2k is not possible and not thats not possible at all, everything is possible lol.


Ditto… I exited at 0.2 (bought in at 0.02). Bearish for now. Academic rigor is wonderful, but in short term hurts Cardano due to lumbering pace.


In what way are they falling behind their roadmap?


Nope. They’re actually ahead on some things.


I dont think you actually know how low the ICO price was - I do agree that it will fall to around exchange listing price should that happen. I do however think that 0.12 will be a support area, if it can hold or not remains to be seen.


Yeah the market is causing fear in early holders, and the flush has to happen, you are not the only one sitting on tons of profits and its not only in ADA. Did you cash into fiat or BTC or other coins?


There seems to larger demand are not only coming up but growing in terms of ADA/ BTC price. However, BTC could could countinue to fall. I think evne right now at 14 cents would be a very good point to start dollar cost averaging a buy in.


I agree, good price to start averaging but I dont think we will decouple in terms of BTC before we hit 0.024-0.085 area if BTC keeps going down over the next 4 months. Thats where I Think we have some real support that is not tied to BTC at this point in time.


There is no guarantee BTC will go much further down either. At the point it double bottoms we may see demand for it as well. Anyways we shall see.


I would like to purchase ADA. BUT I understand you have to have Daedalus to store ADA. I have tried to use Daedalus, but have nothing but trouble with the wallet. I have no trust in the wallet —I am Newbie—so easily confused…trying to learn by doing. Am I right that having Daedalus is a prerequisite?


At this point, the Daedalus wallet is a full node, so for some setups it can cause problems, which requires changing your configuration and troubleshooting in some scenarios. Ideally, IMO you need a solid internet connection with a standard firewall setup. It’s hard to know beforehand how each particular setup and operating system will react. I actually have tried countless times to break the wallet since the update(s) and I can’t. But I did have an issue before the first update. So it’s not just the wallet per se, but how each particular setup will react to downloading a full node, which includes a copy of the blockchain. I’m sure each update will address these different issues as they arise. I’d argue that you will ‘learn by doing’ with Daedalus as I am of the same mindset. But if you want a simple light wallet then Cardano does not offer that yet. But it is in the works. All the best.