Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Having the wallet is not a pre-requisite for purchasing ADA. You can purchase it on Binance…you just wouldn’t be able to keep it on your own personal computer as you wouldn’t have the wallet. You’d need to leave it on the exchange.


You’d need to leave it on the exchange.

That is… Trust an exchange (and government(s) it operates under) with your private keys.


Yes, but the point was you don’t need a wallet first before you are able to buy ADA. He should most certainly not leave it on an exchange if possible, but sometimes you gotta take some risks and buy/hold on the exchange while trying to get deadalus to work/understanding how it works in the meantime.


That highly depends on your behavior on the market. Pushing crypto out of adwords is certainly going to create a dip. But from a long term point of view, it creates an opportunity for an investment. Just find a good trader, buy the dip and keep waiting. Its gonna pick up the speed again.


If you bought 1 Litecoin at $80 and watched that hit $400 (Profit of $320), then bought a litecoin at each dip ($300, $240,$180,$120) + Initial $80 , you would have 5LTC that cost you $920, now worth $500… Keep on buying dips guys :slight_smile:

Also if ADA was a currency it would NOT be tied to BTC, which if it falls to $4k, the miners will abandon, and ADA wont be worth shit :slight_smile:


I wonder how your post would look like in the bull market, say when LTC was $400.

You’d have a number of dips below $80 before that and would be sitting on top of a huge profit. And would possibly advocate to buy more at $400 because this shit’s gonna fly to Mars.

It is easy to look smart with the help of hindsight and pick your timeframe to make a point.

It’s the future that’s a bitch to predict. Translation: your “wisdom” isn’t worth the bits it’s stored in.


Ah , yes of course , I forgot, LAMBO, MOON, or MARS, I do apologise, 12c next ? :), mind you I have sold al mine at 92c in January, so I guess Im just here for fun! :slight_smile:


Why not at 1.3? If you are lying about your ability to be clairvoyant, then why not just name the ATH as your selling point?

There is an old tweet about a bitcoin adopter who bought BTC at 0.07 and sold it at .30. He felt he was smart till BTC hit $8. Imagine what he would feel like today.

Your post won’t age well… :wink:


Dont worry, this forum will dissapear before a real world use of ADA, however Haskell, like COBOL will continue, yours University of Glasgow, Haskell :), like I said, fun, ill stop now :slight_smile:


Anyway if you write something in a language that few know, you can carry it off a bit longer


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 12c , I may buy!


非常赞同你的观点, 技术营销同步加大力度会很好的效果。也有利于项目本身的发展。


Did you buy?


According to CoinReview Cardano is an exciting project from a technological point-of-view and has a very well thought-out and futuristic approach. However, if their pos-algorithm proves to be completely secure remains to be seen.

Proof-of-stake itself is not that well researched and tested as proof-of-work. If Cardano can realize their very ambitious project, I have no doubt they will be one of the leaders in the smart contract and dapp ecosystem space.

This remains to be seen. As for now, Cardano showed that they are a competent team and what this team delivered so far is impressive. From an investors viewpoint, it should be considered that the maximum supply is relatively high and the market cap is relatively high too, caused by anticipation of successful realization of the project. Time will tell if their promises hold true.


Well, I didn’t expect it to fall out of the top 10… still waiting on Shelley