Relentless Slide vs. BTC


It wouldnt change, you dont put in all the orders at one time. You slowly put them in after the initial are sold. Iceberg orders - in the stock market, no one is stupid enough to put in huge blocks. Specially not with today’s technology. Hence why the depth book in the stock market is mostly useless. Thats why the crypto-market is fun, its like early days stock market.


Yeah that seller most likely also placed all the buy orders in front of the sell wall price and just soaked up the market sales that were made, then canceled the sell walls after having had his fill of eating minnows.


unhuh…bull: bear what’s the difference


I dont believe so, why would he keep the sell order alive after the quick meltdown, he would have removed it just in that moment. If it was a crash to accumulate. I think he was a genuine seller, early adopter that gave up on a chunk of his position and moved into some other coin.

He probably went into BTC and bought the top there. Now ADA will rally measured in BTC. Its a classic.


Here’s hoping past is prologue.


Thats quite a past


i could definitely go for another 10x gainer :sunglasses:


If that takes till june Id still be plenty happy


hell yeah… i’d love to be able to just cut a check for my law school loans marked ‘paid in full’ lol


Id like to keep making my rent;) kidding


I think we will rally in BTC, but still fall in USD. 0.25 CENTS coming. QUEUE the titanic.


nah its just a little bull flag forming


We gotta shake out TJ before we can rally.


sorry…TJ ?


I am not going to help you on this one.


common man


<---- This Guy… lol.


Just msg me when you are ready to sell. Ill buy your ADA directly.


Ha ! if 25 cents shakes you out its a pretty loose sive