Relentless Slide vs. BTC


If any one wants to put together a presale traxia bid let me know


Looks interesting… I’ll have to dig into the dev team and do some research on the whitepaper.


yah it’s ten either to buy in pre sale. I would throw in 1 eth at 40 percent discount just to be in on the first cardano ico…its not a terribly straight forward concept (that is to say I only partially grasp it) but does look inteteresting


I disagree, from the second the main net has launched and the daedalus wallet was released, it stopped being vaporware, fun fact: vaporware is actually a music genre.

They have already done their funding, so there is no point to get more investors looking at it from Cardanos perspective, there is simply no marketing to do for now.

I can definitely agree on this. I would hate to see them hype unfinished products, it draws in amateurs at the wrong time. Most amateurs do not do due diligence on their crypto investment, they buy the hype and sell when they find out the hype is substantially different from reality.

Again, I disagree. If you are able to send me ADA how is this just air and ideas, granted you make good points on how its not fully developed yet and that statement has some merit to it.

I feel like calling it vaporware, just air and ideas, is not factually true. Great post though, I enjoy reading your writing.


If you look on the 5 minute. its perfectly symetrical still


volume is pathetic


I joined the Telegram group recommended on the Traxia FAQ page, they’re currently putting together a new pool, looks like a good way to go.


Sweet thank you!


I assume we are all contributing to marketing well the project and ADA. Let us share the enthusiasm with friends and peers.


Compared to what? Twitter tweets or Adam Smith’s ~1,000-page The Wealth of Nations?

Many people have not read the Federalist Papers (or the Anti-Federalist Papers) or any of the foundational books I’ve mentioned in my posts. If they had read any of those documents, and if they truly understood what is at stake right now in Cardano Land, then they would not be complaining about the length of my posts. My posts are 50-100x shorter than any of those documents and books; and by reading my posts, you get a very condensed summary of many of the most important concepts and principles that gave birth to democracy, capitalism, federalism, republicanism, and everything that people living in quasi-free societies take for granted today. These are the principles that are supposed to be embodied in Cardano; so, every single post is relevant and important to achieving Cardano’s long-term goals.

And you always have the option of ignoring my posts. So, why would you risk a flame-war by insulting somebody in public? Only a moron could read the depth and sincerity in my posts and conclude that I’m a troll. I’m not saying YOU are a moron, but the nasty troll who distorts everybody’s words and incites ugly flame-wars constantly is certainly a top candidate.


I’m 100% convinced you’re a nasty troll. And you know very well that nobody will show you their wallet. So stop the childish, manipulative FUD, nasty troll.


I apologize for my remarks which were unfair.


Ok lets talk about this.

Do you believe Bitcoin is vaporware? and do you own any Bitcoin.


looks like your 25 cents is coming


Crap, I need to figure out how to get more money to buy more if it drops to 25 cents…I better start cutting my food budget in half…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, why even eat at all. :sunglasses:


I bought so much dip the last month, no money left for the chips.


Thats a shame, this could be the start of many dippings to come. Never go full dip. I just read this thread today, When will I be rich…On this forum… Great sign that this can go on for much longer… Everyone involved has had the easiest ride ever, Its time to induce pain - it also depends on a lot on BTC. If BTC goes lower, we are going a lot lower. I know it is going to hurt, but we have to celebrate it, we just cant have people running around making threads when will I be rich… They have to be flushed… It just doesn’t work that way, when these people have left we can start building a solid base - and in the meantime we can focus on the technology and get ready for the next wave.

Most people have no clue how the market operates and they will think that because of ADA is going down, something is wrong with ADA… We are not doing enough marketing, Whales, bla bla bla… Thats just the “story” thats why no one understands, because their worlds are building around these fairy-tales to make sense of something they dont understand, but they “think” they do.




BTC goes up, ADA goes down because people buy back into BTC.

BTC goes down, ADA goes down because people don’t want to invest in a downtrend.