Repeating history? Do we have a way out?

This post is made to make you reflect and create awareness of the possible path towards which we are going if we continue to act like this, if you have other points of view, leave your opinion, I will be happy to read you.

Reflections SPO:

If you tell a large SPO that raising several pools damages the project, they will respond to you, it is the friendly free market, but then you will see them telling small SPOs that putting a margin of 0% damages the project.

In my opinion both strategies harm the Cardano project.

The big SPOs now laugh and dance watching how they make more and more money creating more pools, but they only show us what can happen if we continue to act like this.

What will happen when the big players arrive with their 100 private pools and the rest of the public pools and can give better benefits than the pools of a normal SPO?

Both the big SPOs and the small SPOs will only have served as guinea pigs to test the system and present a report of results to those big players.

Crises occur when they are in the middle of a technological revolution and the rich earn money by lending money, in the future blockchain there will be contracts, credits, loans …, the big players will see that at the base of the pyramid there are many small amounts of money that if everything is put together is a large amount of money and they will try to raise it to the top of the pyramid with very abusive credit policies and very deceptive practices, credits will be available to anyone, this is known as the golden age and It is where the business cycle begins.

At the beginning of the cycle, people can ask for loans and pay them back with what they earn, then little by little the debt increases and the big players tell them they don’t need to pay off capital, they can pay only interest, in the end they can’t pay either the interests so they ask for another loan to be able to pay it and this is how debt is created and over time the debt becomes impossible to pay and the big players stop lending money and the whole system falls.

Large SPOs complain that small SPOs for putting a margin at 0% because that prevents them from putting a margin of 10% or more, if delegates bet on this type of operators in the end the small SPOs will cease to exist and a centralized network will be left with very little offer, you will have to accept what they impose on you.

Now we have the opportunity to prevent history from repeating itself, we can avoid relinquishing control of our money to those big players, it could be prevented if Cardano will limit the number of pools, but we cannot depend on the actions of a third party, we must be able to make our own decisions and know how to choose the best one for us. If you do not want to fall into the same trap as always this time avoid greed and do not be fooled by incredible illusory offers with which to earn quick money in the short term, because in the long term you will end up paying them.

If you are a great SPO and you still think about continuing to create more pools to earn quick and easy money, great, enjoy your bubble until those great players arrive.

If you are a delegator, avoid delegating to greedy operators who raise several pools or at least avoid delegating to the pools of the big players when they arrive.

To finish I would like to thank Rodrigo for his attention and help, the title of this post is his idea.