Request for IPFS developers ... [ get religious. ] F2 F8 ^Z and Twiki federated on IPFS; to annotate and maintain the World’s Knowledge … rigH …
I need good JavaScript and/or node.js and/or rust programmers for a “block chain with blockchain” like thing, in our “stillborn yet still born” sense on the change wrought by “a single space.” #assimawaken

Specifically I need good JavaScript html frontend coders to help build something like a fusion of reddit, Google Circle, … Wikipedia and disqus … “just as a start up reference point.”

You need to want to work for equity, and I can promise there will be plenty of that. I want to get this off the ground #thedayaftertomorrow$$

At the moment there are significant issues with Wikipedia; it’s multi-language translations are not coherent amongst each other and Wales and the Wikimedia Foundation should not be the only source of “knowledge and truth” as well as “safety and storage” for open Encyclopedic information. It’s essential that these problems are rectified and that

There appear to be no stable mirrors of this data at all, which compounds the problem and shows there is a great distress and need for innovation in this specific space. I think it is important that we begin work immediately.

I have a site where i am organizing these projects required to removed from it’s proprietary private educational datastore and wrap it through IPFS. I think the site will take off–and would like to find partners to work for an equity stake in something “like a” front end for “intralinear annotations” across any other website.

I’m looking for “IPFS and blockchain” programmers that will work for equity. Trying to make a “workflow+wiki+social networking” application that revolves around these things;

Node.js, Python, OrbitDB are “already involved” experience and proficiency would be great–also “working for the good of the future.”
Here’s some more information

Feel free to “donate” some money to the project, it will probably come back to you 10x

ETH: 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f

best to get me on Messenger here: fb dot me/admdbrn