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Hello community, that’s my first post regarding cardano and wanna spot out some problems & frustrations found in the cardano ecosystem.

The whole point of that message is to become better, bigger and solid as a community, so don’t get me wrong I invest my time and money on ADA, mostly seeing the investment as a developer rather than as a investor (creating dapps and all that great stuff xD).

I took my time reading through many of the documentations, what is eutxo model, how it compares to account based etherium model, what is marlowe, playgrounds, plutus and all that stuff.

After many years of development I can say that I am an experienced developer, as I have experience with C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, javascript, REACT, game development and the list goes on.

The whole problem for “us” (developers) as I concluded from reading some posts here in the forums, is that there are no comprehensive A-Z guides or “baby steps” for getting you into cardano ecosystem. For example, setting up a developer environment ( there is a guide for this, but like 2-3 tools, not alternatives ), creating dapps like 1-2-3 steps, deploying an app (both testnet & mainnet 12-sep), there are no tools like “virtual local wallet” like etherium genache, no guide how to create an example web-app, or how to deal with the cardano-cli but simple examples, we got enough of bids and trading money, I think examples like a “to-do list” on cardano or keeping some other data and recall it would give us a better understanding of the whole ecosystem.

It’s not that we don’t have the expirience or we don’t know the haskell language, many of us have kids and zero time to spend going through all the vast IOHK documentation.

The problem compared to other blockchains is not that cardano is falling back in terms of technology or speed compared to other blockchains like etherium. Take as an example the solana blockchain. Charles Hoskinson himself wondered what they are doing right :wink:
It’s the documentation and the tools guys, that’s all. Comprehensive guides, tutorials, baby steps, udemy videos, simple examples, web examples etc etc etc. I have dealt with C++, I think Haskell would be like a “playground”.

Last but not least, I think anyone who compare the cardano vs etherium - in terms of documentation & examples - would choose etherium over cardano and trust me bringing more and more devs on our platform would be awesome, but give us some change to do so, because I can’t deal with etherium I hate it’s strategy, model and thinks :wink:

I hope you find this post useful, because that’s the reason I post it in the first place. I would love to see cardano based dapps and stuff examples, not everyone interested in financial bs :wink:
The base use case of a blockchain (distributed database) not mentioned anywhere as an example.

PS Is it necessary so many different languages exist in the forums ? So many information and data goes to null, no dev would translate a japanese post and read trough it, c’mon we have stack overflow and everything is in english and i think that’s enough, my mother language is greek anyways so don’t get me wrong i sometimes translate some english words :stuck_out_tongue:

This should read The whole point of this message…