Restoring... but Forgot Wallet Name, Where do I look on my Mac?

Hey guys, I have my recovery phrase but I don’t remember my wallet’s name. I’m using a Macbook and would like some specifics on which files would have my wallet’s specific name written down somewhere in the deep files of this computer… This is so annoying… I have to restore my wallet on someone else’'s computer because I can’t get it to stop “connecting to network” on my Macbook Pro…

Thank You…

You want “Wallet-1.0” folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/Wallet-1.0

That folder is not needed if you are going to restore your wallet, wallet’s name will be lost though if you do a clean restore.

Have you checked the official FAQ to solve your “connecting to network” issue?


Please send your Daedalus logs to support, the bottom of official FAQ page.