Restoring Daedalus cold wallet on Yoroi

Daedalus was unstable on my Mac so I restored 3 Shelley wallets to Yoroi using the Daedalus 24 word seeds .

I now have 3 Yoroi wallets all labelled “Shelley Standard Wallet”.

There is no indication that these are still associated with my Trezors . Are these new wallets I have restored Hot or Cold? If hot then how do I reinsert them within the Trezor Ts but keeping the same seed words if possible. Thank you for any help.

Hey @Carmen28535460

If they are linked to your Trezor you should probably see it like here :

But when you restored them via your seed, they probably arent linked with your hardware device.

This would totally defeat the purpose of a hardware wallet.


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Thank you very much for your reply Zyroxa,
I obviously have not got the hang of this yet . How should I have restored the cold Trezors and wallet together?
Should I have used the 12 word Trezor seed? :thinking:

Finally how can I put my Ada back into Trezors without changing all the seed yet again :hot_face:

You dont have to restore you Trezor wallet. Just simply connect your Trezor with Yoroi.

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Thank you Zyroxa , sorry to be so stupid .
I have a 12 word seed from Trezor firmware setup and afterwards a 24 word seed from Daedalus (which also worked on Yoroi to recover wallets from Daedalus which had crashed). Which seed should I use and when?
Are both seeds even active or did the later 24 seed remove the first 12 word seed?
Are they both necessary. Thank you for your patience.
It is difficult to even ask such stupid questions :face_with_hand_over_mouth: