Reviving 2 years old catalyst projects for Africa


I’ve been a long-time supporter of Cardano, and two years ago, I wrote a couple of drafts for Catalyst. I would like to revive them now, but the links are all broken, and I haven’t found a way to access the projects from the website’s interface.

Where can I find my projects? How can I access them? I don’t recall being informed that they would be trashed, only archived.

Here are the project links I am referring to:

Multi-lingual insights
Present Cardano on Campus
Scholarship for research in Africa
Cardano House in Abidjan
Network of money transfert
communication in french
Destkop based voting system
Interactive Dashboard with NLP
Multi-languages video tutorials
Artist funding

Thank you

Maybe @danny_cryptofay is able to help you out.


Heya - I’ll find out and get back to you.

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Heya. Can you please drop an email via catalyst [at] please - will help recover. These are still around but we’ll need your ideascale log in email mentioned there/use name. Some links changed in past funds and this is the issue. Via email we’ll be able to locate. Thank you.