Reward calculator tool

Dear Cardano Community,

The / GULAS stake pool team proudly presents a new community tool that can calculate rewards.

We built this calculator for delegators who like to ‘jump’ from pool to pool in hope of getting better rewards. Instead of making this move, they can calculate potetional rewards in advance easily.

Also we wanted to show SPOs and delegators how much do they earn/lose by changing the fee margin. Besides SPOs can see what happens if they are ouf of luck and will get less block, how much rewards do the pool get etc…

These results just demonstrate how the formula works, and the formula is somewhat similar to the one that is used in the Cardano reward calculation protocol.

The presented results are not a promise of future profits! All they show is what APPROXIMATE amount of reward a person could receive ON AVERAGE in the selected period of time (specific epoch and rewards are coming one epoch later) ONLY IF actual behavior of the system would somewhat match WITH PARAMETERS SELECTED.

This tool is still work in progress, we are collecting feedback from community to make it better.
Please share your toughts! Thanks!