Reward percentage so far [Poll] - Closed! See the new one

Hi guys, I’m staking for only 3 epochs. My average earnings, if it continues like this, will result in approximately 1% per month, which seems very good to me. I’d like to know what your monthly average has been. Since we haven’t closed a month yet, make a simple projection considering your average so far. It’s an anonymous poll. Thanks!

  • less than 0.5%
  • between 0.5% and 0.75%
  • between 0.75% and 1%
  • between 1% and 1.25%
  • more than 1.25%

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I’m at a +15% annual rate but I’m thinking if staking held anywhere close tp 1% a month there would be some large institutional money looking to park their money in ADA in this low yield world.

You should probably redo this poll in terms normalized to annual returns.

If I edit the options, do you know if it will cancel the current votes?

Pretty much current votes will change, seen it before cannot remember which poll it was - polls disturb me so I tend to let myself forget about them.
Your poll is only 4 hours old just start a new one with an explanation as to why you do and what is different in a new thread - I promise we will forgive you.
This one can be edited to be irrelevant if you wish.

@erikd @anon20038177
I tried to delete the current poll and create another poll in that same post, but it was not possible (there is a rule that limits edits to polled posts after 5 minutes). So I created a new poll:

Sorry guys!

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