Rewards in last ama

In Charles last ama, he says excitedly about rewards “and guess what, those will be real rewards, people are going to make money “

Do I hear 5 percent anyone?:grinning: I hope so


It’s in the second section of adatainments ama breakdown

5 percent? That is a large amount of return for beta, seems to me a low risk traditional investment is generally lower than that, securing a network with no dapps on it means few earnings from transaction’s, transaction’s will be on the rise as dapps come online on a live network, but for testing…? 5 percent is quite a bit.

Your right, I realize now he was still talking about test Shelley. It’s getting very exciting nonetheless!


Very exciting !:+1: It will be neat to see payouts on the testnet, if the incentives are enough to buy Beer and :taco: :taco: :taco: then I might have to look into participating :smiley:

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