Risk and success of both ADA and ETH

Risk of ADA and ETH
ETH and ADA to July and August 2021 both have major updates, if the update is on time, the high flying price is un-questionable. Opportunities and risks always go hand in hand when investing in Crypto, I only have the basic knowledge for long-term HOLD, at least keep it for 5 months to 1 year, this is not a judgment for short-term traders. Where are you? The comments given below are just a small part of the overall of these two cryptocurrencies

Risks and Risks of ETH - Ethereum
ETH decided to switch from POW to POS (similar to ADA), POW and POS, what are those Technical term please search by google for definition. When it passes the POS, ETH will have a long money to firmly grasp the current No. 2 position. In order to convert, the London hardfork must be successful and must not be delayed.
** Danger of ETH **

  • ETH’s decision to switch over POS is to remove the benefits of the miners, but the person who invested a lot of money in the miner, currently only need 3 large pools of ETH linked to be able to attack 51% of the system. System, if attacked then users will lose confidence in ETH is certain. In the ETC past, the precursor to ETH has been hit 51% twice. Now, at any position, ETC, let’s look up the board. => 51% attack is possible
  • Will the London Hardfork be successful and on time? This is another story. ETH 2.0 (ETH transferred via POS) has been delayed, promises too long but fails to fulfill. The Berlin hardfork version in mid-April 2021 also had many problems to fix => So my appointment is not eliminated.
  • POS will not be completed, ETH remains in POW at that time
    ** Chance of ETH Hardfork London success in July 2021 **
  • The GAS fee of the Ethereum network will decrease, not as high as it is now. Currently, each time AE swap token costs 20-30 $ is normal, transferring ETH from exchange to wallet also costs over 10 $
    ** Risks and Risks of ADA - Cardano **

ADA will launch the Alonzo, Smart Contract hard fork in early August 2021, the old plan one is June, Smart Contract is the premise for Defi, Lending, Ico, Ido dApps … to run on the Cardano network. In particular, Cardano also launched ERC20Converte tool to transfer Ethereum side projects to Cardano with just a few clicks. Then Cardano is like a flower garden about to bloom. Cardano network has many advantages over EThereum does not show, in this status ad only mentioned the problem of late Alonzo hard fork, what are the risks
** Danger of ADA **

  • The successful POS of ETH in July is a hindrance to the ADA, while the projects on the ETH side will be less likely to switch to ADA.
  • Hardfork Alonzo is late to reschedule again, those who expect ADA to raise prices will have to wait more.
    ** Chances of ADA Hardfork Alonzo succeed August 2021 **
  • The dApps on Cardano will grow rapidly, now with more than 100 projects ready to run
  • The ADAs holder are going to have many tokens falling from the sky, of which tokens have value, garbage tokens will be used.
  • AE staking will receive higher rewards now
  • The increase in ADA price is undisputed. (Ah if the Crypto market collapsed, skip this sentence :smiley:) But in the long run don’t worry.

Conclusion: I will only talk about the successes and failures of the two upcoming Hardford versions.

  • If Ada succeeds, ETH fails —> ADA will surpass ETH probably not far from ETH
  • If Ada succeeds, ETH succeeds —> The long distance race begins.
  • If Ada fails, ETH succeeds —> Ada will have to work harder, catch up with ETH or not, I think it will be difficult
    => In short: Whether Ada, ETH succeeds or fails, these are still 2 basic Crypto for long-term investors that hold with a comfortable mentality. I will always love ADA :slight_smile:
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The above article is copied from internet is what author knows and judges, yes right and wrong. Knowledge is endless, Please read and add anything if you like, discuss below