ROADMAP - where is the next likely pump?

Sorry I am a bit lazy to research the roadmap… can any tell me when the next very likely pump in ADA will be according to new developments on the roadmap - like Shelly or whatever?


My educated guess would be around the end of May through the end of June. :wink:

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I prefer not to use terms like pump when talking about Cardano because it embodies a very unique philosophy and in my mind most promising team and processes behind it. Do your own research and if it makes sense to you, now is a good time to get some more ADA.


Once Shelly goes live, it will be considered a legit crypto.

Yes to everything you said.

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I saw on the subreddit that ADA might get added to new exchanges in a few weeks. Depending on the exchanges, it could lead to a bump in price, but who knows.