Rocket League Tournament with CNFT Prizes

:mailbox_with_mail: You have an invitation in your mailbox:

:love_letter: "Hey there! My name is Aidan and I am building the PlayerMint project. We are launching a Rocket League Tournament and I wanted to invite you to join in! Entry is free and everybody is welcome.

:calendar: Date: Friday at 21:00 UTC (2pm PST / 5pm EST)
:busts_in_silhouette: Hosts: Retro Stake Pool, Starving Esports, and AdaQuest
:trophy: Tournament: Solos with single elimination bracket (finals are best of 3)
:moneybag: Prize Pool: CNFTs, Tokens, and ADA

You can register now! Hope to see you there and have a great day!

Best, Aidan"