Run a production pool with Red Hat Linux

Dear all,

thought I might share the news as I am currently looking for solutions to run a stake pool myself.
With the stable CentOS moving to Stream and becoming more unstable for production I was looking for some alternatives.

As some might know Red Hat offers now 16 free RHEL developer Licences if you register as a developer and can run up to 16 small-production with them.

After using RHEL in my main (enterprise) job I will definitely consider using it as well as the OS of choice for my stake pool.

Here are the corresponding blog posts:

Cheers from Munich,



This could be interesting for me too!

I’m using CentOS 7.0 (not Stream) and I will be happy with it until June 2024. Why not use it until the end of life?

Sure - if you’re already on non stream CentOS why not…no need to switch :slight_smile:

But for anyone new, wanting a reliable enterprise system I think the RHEL developer subscription is a bettee option.
Not only do you have a enterprise level OS, you get access to tons and tons of valuable informations like docs, guides and real world issues answered by the company.
That IMHO is more worth than the OS itself.

It’s just a personal choice but working with RHEL at my main job daily, it was kind of a no-brainer for me :wink:


I Agree :slight_smile: