Running testnet from two days but issue to setup Stack&Delegation (No clear documentation)

I am running my testnet on VM from last two days and getting the following messages in my log file e.g.
INFO block added successfully to Node’s blockchain,

I am trying to setup Stack&Delegation but no luck yet, I also see the open issue on

How to proceed with Stack&Delegation, Did anyone setup or got a luck ? Another open issue

The problem statement is not clear from your description. As mentioned in the issue you created, you are using a wrong script file. A simple guide for using sample scripts is available here.
Also, there is an active telegram group where community has been actively working and helping each other through various usage issues.

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I heard there is an env. variable that you can set and the logs are sent directly to dev team ? I also receive info to contact them TG… Maybe it is a better way to communicate…

The topic of this thread ( if it is same as the user’s link from github ) is not a development issue, it seems the steps were not followed correctly.
The correct place for raising github issues for such support is using shelley-testnet repo.

The telegram group reference was only to share the information (optional), as many users have been playing around with the software since quite a while, and may be able to share steps/screens to help personally.

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Hi @chandaksanjay and @manoelramon

There seems to be a pattern recently of people hoping for answers on this forum relating to the Shelley Testnet. @manoelramon I saw your post at Testnet and MVP on this.

This forum is intended for broad/high level topics. Where more detail is required IOHK/Emurgo/CF usually refer those interested to other locations.

It is important to realise that at this stage the Testnet MVP is very limited and very reliant on those testing having a degree of skills that not everyone will have. If you are looking for an easy to install stake pool node, then it doesn’t yet exist and you should watch the different communication platforms for news about when something easier to use may be available.

It is also advisable to anyone wanting to participate at this early stage that they read and watch all the documentation and videos made available. Almost everything that is needed is included. If after doing so you either don’t understand how to proceed or have any questions that may be missing, then the Telegram group is the place to go. If you find bug in testing then report it as an issue on Github.

In summary, this forum is not the best place to be asking these questions, as they may already be answered elsewhere. There are existing posts with all the appropriate links.


I will join the TG… I did not have time this week yet. I am very familiar with Nix and I just want to understand what I can test. I see you there… thanks!