Safe to have ADA on Byron paperwallet?

After reading some post about people who are unable to restore their paperwallets. Im a bit worried.
2 years ago i’ve created a byron paperwallet for a friend of mine. He’s not a technical guy and i didn’t want to settle him up with installing an Ada wallet. Instead i’ve created a paperwallet(ADA) and transfered his ADA to this wallet and told him as long as he keeps the paperwallet safe, he will be able to claim his ada in the future.

Is it still safe for him to keep his ADA in this wallet and will it be safe for the future. In other words does Deadalus still have support for restoring old paperwallets and will it support this in the future?


Yes, paper wallet will be supported in the future!

U can check anytime if the wallet has the right balance by checking the wallet address on


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