Scam Sites Solution

One of the most overlooked topic and the reason why crypto hasn’t overtaken the fiat currency is that the fear of losing hard earned money to some hacker or scammer. The crypto community MUST find a solution to this , not merely asking everyone to be merely cautious, there has to be a solution to protect the asset. Now the argument could be made that users educate themselves. But that’s not a solution. Its like asking everybody to be a forensic detective and learn every security feature on a banknote in depth to detect a fake dollar bill and learn how banknotes are printed and what inks and paper go into it !! going back in time , banks however bad reputation may have solved this exact issue. You couldn’t just blame the victim that he got robbed !!
Cryptos are the easiest to recover due to the fact of the unique transaction number and addresses which could roll back. I would really like to open up this topic as merely ignoring the issue is not enough. Its time to face this challenge head on as to make the community as safer place by collaboration.

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