Scammed - Lost all our ADA

This one is been going on for days looks like Cardano teen doesn’t really care about it [Link removed by @napoles]

Hello @Millo94

Thanks for the alert, the link has been reported. :slightly_smiling_face:

IMO, there are several actions the CF has taken that demonstrate their sincere interest about this.

CH has warned in countless AMAs about the scams. CF has created the Fraud Detection Bureau. Ambassadors constantly track channels to prevent those links from spreading, etc.

It is also worth remembering one of the main fundamentals in the crypto universe: the user is solely responsible for their funds.

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I fell for the same scam. It was my last 3.5k that I was keeping to DCA into this year’s end and I bought ada to send it to them. I know better but greed got the best of me. Lesson learned the hard way.

Lost all mine as well. Got greedy, saw that timer and Charles, sent $8.5k facepalm

I know better than this. sigh Transaction is still “Pending” but I know I’m already Effed.

Maybe if the Wallet gets locked before it clears. I don’t know. Scammer Wallet address from crypto 21 “dot” “Eye Oh”


On the bright side, this entire situation has lead me here so I can be more involved in the community going forward. :smirk:

it hit me right now, i lost all my ada cause my greed, to think theres give away after lauch smart contract is make me dont think for scam, this such a hard lesson

I didn`t loose anything . But i want to report this adress , because this youtube scam is a huge wave - On every chain. I’ve seen it for ripple, Ve-chain and so on .

Here’s the wallet -adress


Please pay attention folks