Script for cardano-node software upgrade (CNTOOLS users)


learning coding… my first script for today is for node software upgrade. Enjoy it!

  1. download


curl >
  1. make executable:
chmod +x
  1. run

I added support for current version check

Added menu for version select, the latest 10 versions are shown


Contributors: Alex (CHARITY Pool), George (APEX Pool) and Trey (CHAOS Pool) !

Thank you,


Do we use the wget into the scripts folder?

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doesn’t matter … use it on folder where u will want to save… I saved it on scripts folder for example,


Everything worked good for me. Thanks for making this!


updated to 1.33.0 with your script, nice.

As per iohk note below, it took me about 2 hours to sync, be aware and patient.

Breaking Changes

With this version, the ledger state will need to be replayed from the genesis block, meaning that the initial synchronisation may be slow. Users should account for this when deploying the node.


perfect worked great!

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Everything looking good. Thanks for the script!

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upgrading with no backup using your script. if my servers break we know who to blame :stuck_out_tongue: (myself)

also if you can add the 2 steps with the upgrade / version. I know its in the terminal image, but helpful for dummies like myself.

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Which steps? I don’t understand…

PS: the upgrade should work like a charm :slight_smile:

Where it ask if you want to upgrade Linux and what version.

Ok, where should I add these steps?

Under ./script command

My block became a relay, anything to worry about?

Nope, it will show relay while the node is starting… be patient because it will take more hours to start (ledger had few changes)

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Great job Alex. Started the upgrade with your script :+1:

Just to add my experience with upgrade.

  1. First relay took around 2hrs 50mins, ah.
  2. Created a db.tar.gz compressed copy of the DB folder in relay1 and transferred it to my other relay & BP(took 30mins, parallel copy using cyber duck).
  3. For 2nd relay & BP commented the below part in Alex script and started the upgrade in parallel.

sudo systemctl start cnode

sleep 10

echo “The node has been started… opening gLiveView!”

sleep 3

cd $CNODE_HOME/scripts


  1. Once node upgrade completed. Moved the existing DB folder to other directory(~/tmp) and uncompressed the db file created in step2.
  2. Started the cnode service and it took around 30mins for both 2nd relay & BP to sync.
  3. overall we saved good amount of weekend time :slight_smile:


Great job, once again. Already upgraded 3 relays and currentñy finishing with the BP, no issues at all, flawless!

Thanks so much for your consistent contribution to this community.


Albert. URSA SPO


Great script! Works fine without any problems.

Saving a lot of time with this, thank you :slight_smile:


you’re welcome :beers:

Worked great on the first relay and starting the producer…


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