Script for cardano-node software upgrade (CNTOOLS users)

check if u still have the old binari files

cd /usr/local/bin
ls -l

bin$ ls -l
total 0

I just tried the other identical relay and had no issues

whereis cardano-node and which cardano-node can tell you, where in your path versions of cardano-node are installed and which of them is executed.

There has to be an old one in the path, before the updated one.

Hey Alex, how are you?

For some time now, one of my Relays has stopped syncing and just keeps the message:

(Standard_in) 1: syntax error: 36 remaining

My relay has the same hardware settings as another relay, which is working correctly.

I tested a few things, like copying the db folder from another relay. In the end, I ended up formatting the server in the account and configured everything from scratch, but it still has the same message.

Node Version: 1.34.1


perhaps the port inside env is different than the port used to start the node?

I left the default port (6000)… but there is one thing I hadn’t noticed, in relay3 I left 7GB RAM + 10GB SWAP.

In this Relay2 I was crashing, I had 7GB RAM + 5GB SWAP.

Now I’ve increased it to 10GB SWAP and it seems to sync again, a little slow, but it’s back…

If it works, I’ll post the feedback here for other people who have the same problem.

thank you for now.