Script for cardano-node software upgrade (CNTOOLS users)

type which cardano-node
The relays worked well?

my block producer, yes my relays worked fine.

type which cardano-node and cardano-cli - -version


cardano-cli 1.35.3 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev 9f1d7dc163ee66410d912e48509d6a2300cfa68a

can u try cd ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/ then ls -l

and check the dates


is from march, is that the problem…?

ended up running this for my block producer.

duno why your script didn’t work @Alexd1985 .
the other guide worked like a charm.

was also nice not to have to compile the whole thing…

if not worked only for your BP then is was something missed … perhaps some files location IDK