Selected for slot leader but failed to mint new block

Did they get back to you from IOHK?

Yesh bit nothing relevant :slight_smile:

They gave me this article

I hope by the next time i get to mint a block this will be somehow solved :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, we minted the block, thank you very much, I only followed the coincashew steps, I didn’t do anything extra, I thing the most important thing to have into account is to be sure you are rotating your keys with the latest counter file.


I might have some more insight about this issue, it seems when you do the key rotation you need to make sure that the block producer and relay node’s time are synced up within milliseconds of each other. This is just a theory but when I rotated my keys the first time my relay node was out of sync by a few minutes and after I fixed the issue I had no problem with the newly rotated keys.