Sending ADA to a Staked Daedalus Wallet?

After two epochs, I got rewards on my staked wallet. YAY!

What happens if I send more ADA to that already staked wallet. Will they be averaged in to the current epoch? Or will the funds need to wait across two epochs, as if they were staked to a wallet? Does that scenario un-stake my current wallet?

Thanks for any help. I checked several posts and FAQs, but didn’t see this answered.


It takes the same length of time for the staking of the new funds to take effect as it did originally. At that point the new amount is added to the original amount, there is no other change.


YAY! Congratulations! :grin: :v:t4:

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Just to add to @RobJF’s point - the same happens to your rewards, they are automatically staked also.

i.e. your entire balance of your wallet is staked, for a compounding effect - you do not have to do anything.


Question. When I originally staked to a pool from my wallet I do not recall being asked how much of the wallet I wanted to stake. I think it just used the entire balance whereas on the test net I could pick how much I wanted to stake.

Am I not recalling this correctly?

I thought that was going to be a Daedalus 2.2 feature, but now I can’t find any news/links/updates confirming that. So I might have made it up.

Daedalus on the ITN could not do this. Yoroi maybe could, unclear.

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Yoroi couldn’t either.

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