Sent transfer to my wallet but the wallet doesnt synchronized

Hi!! I’m begginer with the wallet deadalus.
I creates my wallet and transfer my coina… But cardano blockchain did sync. I am waiting 4 days and the process doesnt finish and I cann’t see my balance

u can check ur balance on cardanoscan if u copy one address from daedalus and paste it on

U will need to have patience til the daedalus will be 100% synced

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Q: adress of wallet deadalus to received? Or baucher of transaction that i received of the exchange?

I did check :grin:… Other Q: Balance it’s ok But in the status show inactive. What is it mean?

The “Status“ is in the section “Controlled Stake Key”. It just means that you have not delegated your wallet to a stake pool, yet.

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