Set an url to TX api?

Hi i want made an url to my actual url for TX API : http://ip:8090/api/submit/tx

how i can add the port and /api/sumbit/tx ??

i want use (my sub domain)

thx so much !

Hi @expyri

You can use apache or Nginx (webserver) with reverse proxy to hide the port from the URL and also to map your subdomain to the application server. If you’re using AWS cloud you can do this with their application load balancer.

Also noticed your URL is HTTP, if this is a production application suggest setting up SSL as well. you can do all that with any of the web servers I mentioned above.

You can use a site like or a similar service to get SSL certificates. Another (not recommended) way to quickly get SSL support is to route your traffic through Cloudflare, with this what happens is the request will be secured from browser to Cloudflare and from there to your webserver will be a HTTP call