Setting and going live simple question

Hi there! I would like to know your opinion… I’m thinking to use 1 core and 2 relays, 3 machines in total and using multifactor auth.

if the machine ate up and connected to the network, does that mean the pool is live immediately? Or do we get to control when to go live?

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You need to setup your nodes, downloading and install prerequisites, then you need to build the node.
After that you will need to start the node and sync with the network (downloading all db)
Then you will need to register your pool.

When all of these are done, then your pool will be live into the network.


Thanks Alex… Would you mind to answer another question?.. We are 2 person so 2 different pledge… Can we do that separately? It would be better to declare less pledge and stake more or to put the max as pledge?
Ex. 100k Ada… Better to pledge 100% or 50kpledge declared and 50k+ staking? Or it doesn’t matter at all?

Thank you in any case, you already helped me. Cheers!

pledging is like staking your own coins at your own pool.
The idea is that the pool with more pledged stake should be more attractive for the other potential delegators, because the owner of that pool is financially motivated to keep the pool running and not miss the slots.

And I think yes, 2 people can pledge to the same pool separatly.


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Cool cool cool, I do understand now… Everything is about decentralisation so both are important… Pledge to show your commitment and delegation to show the trust …

Thanks again!

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