Shelley Haskell Testnet Minimum Viable Product

Establishing an MVP


  • To establish a minimum viable product for the cardano-node software being tested on the Shelley Haskell Testnet, to be achieved before a hard fork occurs on mainnet.

  • To define the same for each of the required components of the Cardano system. These include:

    • cardano-db-sync
    • cardano-graphql
    • cardano-submit-api
    • cardano-explorer-api
    • cardano-wallet
  • To define the parameters used to judge the health of the network, and therefore it’s readiness, for mainnet.


I try to give my 2 Lovelaces with focus on

  • p2p network
  • adversarial fork punishment (even if not considered in the specs)
  • full api/cli support to query chain data (eg blocks, pledging, rewards …)
  • Pool Ticker and Link to Metadata
  • Pool-hosted Metadata and his way into wallet’s delegation center

… not complete, …