Shelley is delivered

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Whoo Hoo You did it!!! :partying_face: :100: :boom:

Congratulations to the team.

Unbelievable AMAZING we believed believe and trusted and here you are. Great Job Charles and the Cardano TEAM. Bravo!

@Eystein_Hansen Wow! That’s amazing and beautiful. :100: :blue_heart:

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Awesome work. Here’s to the future!!!

Happy to have witnessed this in my lifetime

Congrats to everyone!!

2020 has been redeemed!

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Off to the races we go !

Wow congratulations, it’s an excellent move!

Thank you all for working so hard so that people like me may never have to work again.

Thank You for all of the outstanding work and to the beginning of a new leader in the Blockchain space

Congrats!! Excited to be along for the ride

Great! One more big step to this team!

By the way, how can i contact you, team?

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Congratulations everyone!!

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when can we download the new Yoroi wallet?

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Excelente …

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Congratulations Cardano… heading for No. 1!

Here’s to the beginning of a better World. :smiley:

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Wen Goguen? :slight_smile: I don’t want you guys to celebrate too hard! :slight_smile:

There’s actually more than one team, who to talk to depends on what about…