Shelley rollout: an important day

Very professional instructions. Good communication. Very smooth software!
Very good job! Impressive.

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Everything looks correct for me :white_check_mark: :+1:

I just did the Balance check of my Yoroi ITN wallet.
I can see the correct amount of rewards, but it is not showing any value for the wallet itself.

Anyone else experienced this?

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I expect only the rewards amount to show. Mine, I did check in Daedalus and it is OK. Probably similar expectations for Yoroi.


Yes, that is the correct/expected behaviour as only the reqards accumulated during ITN will be added to mainnet


Yes, Yoroi and Daedalus Shelley wallets are fully compatible. Yoroi wallet can also be restored in the Daedalus for the ITN to compare balances. Here is the support portal article explaining this:


Alright, thanks for the replies.
I was just wondering because the screenshots within the balance check How To did show a wallet balance.

Hell to the yeah! Great job! :wink:

I stake via Yoroi paper wallet. How can I check rewards, because I have got 21 recovery word phrase ?..there is no option for 21 word…

There are some warnings

With the Shelly node deployment- do I need to do anything? Is it running in the background of the existing Daedalus wallet? Or do I need to download a new mainnet wallet?


With the deployment of the Shelly node - do I need to do anything? Is it simply running in the background of the existing mainnet wallet?

Thanks for being the bearer of the good news!!

Hi Brad,

I see the below NOTE in my Yoroi Testnet wallet from last one week.


The last ITN Rewards were distributed on epoch 190.Rewards can be claimed on mainnet once shelly is released on Mainnet.

So could you please let me know when can i see my staking rewards along with my actual ADA?


Rewards… check! Love the purple color!!! Please keep this as an option in future releases of daedalus!

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Hi, there are links in this thread near the top. B

If we haven’t yet been able to deal with a ticket that you’ve submitted to us yet, please bear with us. We will be working through them as quickly as we can now that we have achieved this major milestone :slight_smile:

Balances check out. Thank you.

I still do not understand the Daedalus wallet. IS the 1.1.0 wallet going to continue to be used in the Shelly era? Will IOHK simply update version 1.1.0 or will we see a new Daedalus wallet for the Shelly era?

I do not understand if my current 1.1.0 Daedalus wallet is what is referred to as a Byron era wallet or if it will be the wallet we use in the Shelly Era?

I know there is a New Daedalus Test Net wallet to check our stake and rewards. As I understand it this will not be the new Daedalus wallet for the Shelly main-net.

Please advise. Thank you.

My balances show my ITN wallet is empty of both Stake and rewards. I have attempted many efforts to resolve the issue. It may be moot at this point. It sure would be nice to be able to receive the rewards.

Any suggestions.