Shelley rollout: an important day

Today is an important day for Shelley. In another busy week of delivery. At an exciting time for Cardano, as we head towards the Cardano Virtual Summit and continue the summer rollout. With not just one delivery today, but in fact, two. So, first things first.

NOW AVAILABLE New Daedalus Shelley wallet for balance check

We have just released a new version of Daedalus for the Shelley testnet . This is for all ada holders who have been delegating or operating stake pools on the ITN to check what their rewards will be, come the Shelley mainnet.

Daedalus 1.1.0-STN1 is the second Daedalus release that is compatible with the Shelley Testnet. It offers balance check functionality to those who participated in the Incentivized Testnet program and earned rewards. Users can now check if their rewards balance is reflected correctly on the Shelley Testnet. This is a final verification of any rewards earned before reward earnings are transferred over to the Cardano mainnet later this summer. These rewards will subsequently be made available to the user via their mainnet Daedalus wallet.

New features will be added incrementally to Daedalus to support the Shelley testnet during the Shelley rollout. These features include support for delegation, support for legacy Byron wallets, enabling the movement of all funds from legacy Byron wallets to new Shelley wallets, as well as the ability to view stake pools, and check earned rewards.

If you need instructions on how to check your balance, these will initially be available on the support portal. Daedalus product manager, Darko Mijić, will also be doing a walkthrough when he presents at this week’s Virtual Summit. In his summit session, Darko will share more on the Shelley user experience with Daedalus as we head towards delegation on mainnet later this summer. So please join if you want to hear more about the countdown plan, activation of the delegation features, choosing stake pools, and more. So make sure you don’t miss Darko’s talk “Daedalus and the Shelley user experience” currently scheduled for Thursday UTC 22:30 but please make sure you register and check the summit pages for final agenda timings.

So… this is an important milestone…

Incoming… full Shelley node deployment on Cardano mainnet

We’ve been successfully running node v 1.14.2 on the Shelley public testnet for over a week now. And we can confirm that we’ll deploy the new node to the Cardano mainnet… today, 30th June as per the first date in the rollout plan. We’ll let everyone know exactly when this successfully deploys; but everything is underway right now as I type this.

This node deployment contains all the Shelley logic and features, plus the hard fork combinator (check out this demo video if you want to dive into the technical detail) that will implement it all on mainnet, come the hard fork in late July. It represents work over the period 5-23 June 2020 (153 commits or 55 PRs by 18 contributors since the previous 1.13.0 release).

This is the first complete Shelley mainnet release with all key features included and a crucial one. We’ll continue to iterate over the weeks ahead now making code optimizations and enhancements with each new release. With another milestone now successfully hit, we are continuing to track against the rollout plan and retain a high degree of confidence in the date set for the Shelley hard fork of July 29th. And with plans right on track, very happy to be heading into our two-day summit event to look forward to the future Cardano will bring.


Fantastic news! My heartfelt congratulations and thanks for everyone’s hard work!


Thank you Tim…balance check completed and all accounted for.


Downloaded the Daedalus wallet, checked my balance and ALL looks great. Thanks… Now just waiting for the new node release.

Thanks Cardano team for all the awesome work you do.

Node is now deployed :slight_smile:


Hi Brad,

People who staked on Yoroi wallet has anything to do with this ?

works like a charm. wallet balances look correct. thanks!

Wallet rewards recovered for five wallets. My friends and family will be chuffed. Well done!!! Took a few minutes to install and each wallet was pretty much recovered within 30 seconds after having entered the recovery words, password and wallet name… Massively impressive!!

Yes, you can check your Yoroi balance.



Good news !
I am tested new release , Daedalus now very fast :sunglasses: :clap:t2:

Very professional instructions. Good communication. Very smooth software!
Very good job! Impressive.

Everything looks correct for me :white_check_mark: :+1:

I just did the Balance check of my Yoroi ITN wallet.
I can see the correct amount of rewards, but it is not showing any value for the wallet itself.

Anyone else experienced this?

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I expect only the rewards amount to show. Mine, I did check in Daedalus and it is OK. Probably similar expectations for Yoroi.


Yes, that is the correct/expected behaviour as only the reqards accumulated during ITN will be added to mainnet


Yes, Yoroi and Daedalus Shelley wallets are fully compatible. Yoroi wallet can also be restored in the Daedalus for the ITN to compare balances. Here is the support portal article explaining this:


Alright, thanks for the replies.
I was just wondering because the screenshots within the balance check How To did show a wallet balance.