Shelley Rollout: Weekly update w/e 26 June 2020

It’s been another productive week on the Shelley testnet, as we head towards the Cardano Virtual Summit and the summer rollout.

This week we had the latest in our monthly live shows, where Kevin Hammond walked us through the latest progress against the rollout plan. We’re now entering the most intensive phase of the rollout now, so follow us on social for all the very latest progress updates.

This week, we shared our proposal for the stake pool parameters for the Shelley mainnet. This is the result of significant thinking, mathematics, community consultation and modelling. We don’t need to have these perfect at the beginning of mainnet but we need to be in the right ballpark. Do read the article which is full of important info about this.

So far community response has been positive. It’s still early days and there are still a few topics to be debated. But these parameters will be iterated over time (and there will be a formal CIP in time to support that). But thanks to everyone who has contributed to this important area so far.

Network upgrades

We’ve been successfully running node v 1.14 on the Shelley testnet now for over a week and – if some final integration and testing work goes well over the weekend – we’re aiming to deploy it (or possibly a v. 14.1) to mainnet on June 30th. This is an important deployment because this node contains the hard fork combinator candidate code that will be crucial to implementing the hard fork later in July. We won’t spring the full functionality, but it’ll be there, ready for later in July. This code is looking solid, following a number of successful mainnet candidate tests during this week.

We should have a new Daedalus wallet for you next week. This new Shelley wallet will contain the balance check capability, allowing any ada holder who has been staking on the ITN to check their rewards balance. This will be available first by CLI at node release if you are really keen to check!

This new Shelley wallet will also contain staking and delegation features for a little later down the line, for trying out using test ada on the testnet. They won’t be enabled in the first release but the full Daedalus Shelley experience is now beginning to take shape nicely. As soon as this wallet is available to download, we’ll let you know via our social channels.

That’s it for now. We have teams working over the weekend so expect more progress and updates in the first half of next week, if all goes accordingly to the plan! Thanks as ever for your interest and support. Here’s to a summer of Shelley!