Shelley Testnet Information Links (UPDATED)

(UPDATED: 12th November)

For all those that are still not sure, or have a few questions about the upcoming Shelley testnet or are just curious to know more, I have put together an information pack with resources from across the community each with information that might help you understand the process or help you keep your ADA safe! I will keep this updated and informed throughout the process!

Balance Check - First Snapshot Tuesday 12th of November - 12:00PM -UTC - DONE :white_check_mark:

Testnet wallets Daedalus/Yoroi will be released Thursday 14th of November

Second Snapshot - Later this month (November)


  • Here we have the inventivised testnet website where updates about the testnet along with the testnet status will be presented: Here

  • Update video from IOHK by Tim Harrison - First snapshot done: Here

  • This is the introductory article by IOHK gives you a great picture of the incentivised testnet: Here

  • In this video Tim Harrison explains how the first snapshot on November 12th will go: Here

  • In this video Alejandro Garcia from IOHK shows you how to move your ADA from Ledger Nano, Tangem Cards and Exchanges into Daedalus ready for the snapshot: Here

Emurgo Q&A, and Ledger Nano - Yoroi transfer video

  • In this video Nicolas and Sebastien from Emurgo give a great Q&A about the testnet: Here

  • This video presented by Emurgo, will help you move your ADA from the Ledger device to Yoroi: Here

  • This video also presented by Emurgo, will help you move your ADA from Binance (exchange) to Yoroi: Here

A Dummies Guide
Here we have a forum post by Ambassador Luke, who is a moderator on Telegram. In this post he helps describe the process in simple facts and cuts through some of the more complex details: Here

Detailed Medium Article
Next we have a in-depth overview of the whole process of staking. This article is written by - Ambassadors, Jaromír and Lukáš: Here

Summary Video and Yoroi/Ledger to Daedalus video by Ambassador Philippe

  • In this video, Philippe gives a short summary of the snapshots and what you need to do to get involved Here

  • In this video, Philippe shows you how to move your ADA from Yoroi/Ledger to Daedalus ready for the snapshot Here

Charles Hoskinson

  • We also have here Charles Hoskinson’s latest AMA which covers some of the newest info on the testnet: Here

  • We also have a short update AMA: Here

  • Twitter update about the first snapshot - 11th November Here

  • Charles gives an update on the balance check and some safety tips: Here

List of wallets that are included in the testnet snapshot

:warning: Safety :warning:
Last but not least, and one of the most important points… The Cardano Foundation will be doing a series on safety and how to keep your ADA safe during this time. I urge you to check it out and keep your ADA safe!: Here

Of course if you still have questions then please feel free to ask! Thanks!

:tada: Happy Testing! :tada: