Shelly assigned to stake pool or pools?

Let’s say I have 400,000 ADA.

How would you stake them?

  1. All to 1 pool?
  2. As many as 4 pools?

thats up to you :slight_smile:

One pool should be enough, but you can spread your stake to average out the performance/reward of the pools.

ON the ITN I ended up delegating to two pools and then monitoring them every day to make sure they were still ok. I did have a couple of pool that were initially ok, and then stopped performing so I switched.

It depends on what kind of staking strategy suites you. If you don’t have much time or just don’t want to track things daily it would be probably best to create a few wallets and delegate to 4 or even 10 pools and check that just occasionally. That way you are helping the system to be decentralized and at the same time you are averaging your returns. If you are not checking how pools perform, daily averaging gives you some safety net in case one of your pools performs badly or even stops producing blocks.

If you have more time and you are after higher returns then you can check things daily. Some people, I call them jumpers, even try to catch the block production trend. What they do is they stake to a pool with low number of produced blocks (relative to the stake they have) and then when the stake pool produces a higher number of blocks they switch their stake to another pool and so on. This method is questionable since the number of blocks assigned to a pool are based on the stake and a random function but some people like to do it nevertheless. I guess they just like gambling. I run a pool myself and based on poll I put out on twitter aprox 1/3 of delegators do that.

If you go to you can check best performing pools (assigned performance) column. That column tells how many blocks a pool minted based on how many blocks it was elected for.

When you check performance, don’t forget to also check the live stake. Pools with really low stake or low number of produced blocks can have a high performance rate because 1/1 produced blocks is 100%. While it’s really nice to help out smaller pools, you just should know what to expect.

I hope you find my answer helpful :slight_smile:

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Thank you all. I had no idea that every well I steaks 100%.

It seems I have to create several small wallets. I thought I would be able to stay for several pools from one wallet, but apparently that’s not possible