Shit happens, then we move on

A couple of months ago, I’ve contacted Emurgo with a project concept and architecture for a blockchain solution for the construction industry.
After bouncing emails up and down a couple of times they went silent. I did not got a reply from them not even now.

In my attempt to raise capital for a blockchain solution for the construction industry (entitled “chaining the brick”), I ended up presenting my idea to some potential other investors.
Some of them seamed extremely interested in the concept, so they kept asking for more and more information, down to architecture.
After that, they did the same thing like Emurgo, nothing complete silence.

Tonight, chasing some things I find a web site (XXX name removed) … Nice naming, have to admit, it sounds better then “chaining the brick”.
But strange fact, absolutely no names, no team, no founders.

I start reading … extremely, similar structure and extremely, extremely, extremely, similar way to how I was presenting the “why” and “how” in my emails.

But to understand how full of mirecles and coincidences the univers is … The guys that put together the site, thought exactly the same mistakes that I thought at that time… and even the same examples of usage, … And even the same couple of “red herrings” that I was throwing.
Nice set of coincidences.
At least I know that the last 3 years spent killing my brains on this project was worth it … for someone.


I just received a very well diserved earful.
Reason why I need to:

  1. I need to apologize if any one of you thinks that I am accusing Emurgo or anyone that got in contact with me from this forum for the leek of email content. It was not my intent.

  2. I sware to God I have never ever, ever, even thought about suspecting anyone from the Emurgo team or from this forum.

  3. I want to say thank you to those from the forum that offered me help and guidance.
    And apologies again for the misunderstanding.

The only reason why I’ve entitled the post “thank you Emurgo for getting back so fast”
Is because I was annoyind with the slow response from Emurgo that never came, in contrast with the fast reaction of the so called Angel investor.

Apologies again for not making it clear that I am talking about a completely different potential investor.

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I know how it feels bro, and I understand exactly where you coming from. Ive been in that situation myself.
Here is my lesson that I took away from it and my opinion on this today. Welcome to the real world, you are responsible for everything, if Emurgo is slow, go to someone else, have many balls in the air at the same time, and never wait around for anyone. I know you feel salty, but you are the entrepreneur, Its your fault, what others do who have no obligation to you in any way, is theirs, you can never control this and they can act exactly in whatever way they want. They can shit you around, steal your ideas, whatever. This is the circumstances you have to live within, and despite that conquer and overcome.

Good ideas has their time, you rarely the only one with the same idea, at a certain time. Its a race to market.

Wish you all the best in your endeavors!

I completely agree.
And I also have to admit that the moment I started aproching other posible investors I was prepared to have something like this happen.

Its just that … It is so freaking frustrating …
I was waiting for ages for a BC to offer the functions I needed to make it happen.
When Cardano came up I started looking a lot at their papers, when the side chains paper was published, I was hooked … The more I digged the more I went like “wow another piece fits the puzzle”.
With every single new update of their road map, cardano was confirming that it was the perfect match , that I was not crazy for waiting.

I’ll have a coffee and il get over it :slight_smile:
I am still not giving up on the idea of having it done, sooner or later (chaining the brick) will be a side chain of Cardano

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What you are doing is venting. You want pity, sympathy, and seeking approval on a unconscious level. So even if you are not consciously acting and seeking that, this is what is going on emotionally. Its perfectly normal, but if you are aware of it, you can destroy it. It doesn’t benefit you at all, you just have to keep moving forward, learn from it, drink your coffee, swallow it and let go, never think about it again (nothing productive will come out of it, only think toward what you can actually do, and the future) make the frustration into fuel and go crush it.

Go for it if you still feel it, and trust me, it wont be your last great idea either. I haven’t looked into what you were doing, and how it would even affect you with a competitor, but it doesn’t matter, it applies to any project.

Execution and action is everything.


You are definitely right with the venting part :slight_smile: I am still steaming, and I will probably still be streaming untill Monday morning :slight_smile:
Never pity, I’m too stubborn for that :))

Once I finish venting I will get back to the drawing board, i still need to find a solution for the public/private permission levels.


Thanks for sharing the story…it definitely puts everything in perspective…I do not know anyone at Emurgo, but I can only imagine they were splitting hairs with other projects…I saw how the Traxia project was not gaining momentum until recently, I can only imagine everyone at Emurgo was very focused on getting as much traction as possible on that project…Not making excuses for anyone at Emurgo…I am just speculating…:thinking:

I know they are busy, and I imagine they have their hands full.
And I also have to agree that sometimes when I’m try to get something done I am worse than a spoiled brat that can’t wait for Christmas :smile:

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Sorry for your loss. May I ask what was it about Cardano that was necessary for the project to happen? I mean the features you were waiting for in a BC.

Hi Lopez, there is nothing to be sorry about. There was no loss :slight_smile: .
On the contrary the guys that published the similar webpage just validated my idea while proving that they have an extremely extremely limited understanding of both construction or blockchain.

A DLT solution for the construction industry is extremely complex mater compared to fintech or supply chain.
For a lot of “technical” reasons I only see it built on a 3 chains, but ideally on Cardano, and that is why I contacted Emurgo.

Sorry for not going in to more details like the exact features and why … for now.

I understand, thanks. Anyway I can keep updated? Sounds interesting.

Thank you for the interest.
I will definitely keep the Cardano community updated. Some of the guys here were extremely supportive.