Should I set –invalid-hereafter when minting nft on cardano?

I wonder can mint NFT if not setting -invalid-hereafter flag in cardano-cli transaction command.
But Can I create nft everytime without setting above flag?
Thanks in advance.


Hmm - good question - from the help it seems that param is optional - have you tried minting without adding that flag?

Thanks for your kind reply
I tried minting without adding this flag. it works well now. Can you explain why this happens?

So probably if not added then automatically accepted the submission. If added then you define an interval when the transaction is valid to submit.

I thought it is probably true, but was not sure about that.
For your kind help, I can be sure about that. Thanks again

actually this was a new information for me - which can be mentioned in the docs… will investigate this further… thx