Should we expect good news after Korea ban/unban?


Nice article posted by @SimonYuSEA on Twitter


Thanks for posting this, his last paragraph is golden:

“Even if South Korea were to ban domestic exchanges, it may only lead to more cross-border activity. Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer international services. When China cracked down on bitcoin exchanges, some simply moved to Hong Kong. “2018 is definitely going to be an exciting year, as we hit the trillion dollar market cap, to see what all the governments will do and how they will react,” Yu said. “South Korea has become an epicenter just because the majority of the population is now involved with cryptocurrencies. We’re going to start seeing this wave not only in Korea, but in other countries as well.””


Hi, I’m a Korean.
Korea will no problem.


The government will not stop.


사람들도 마찬가지입니다.


Korea no problem.
we go.


Money talks and politicians know that well.