Should we have this type of light wallet

I think in the future, Cardano should have a light wallet, which just sync the latest blocks without downloading the whole blockchain. That is to save time.

The nodes you run to stake have to sync and store the whole blockchain to maintain the network security. But the light wallet is to spend and check coins. So it does not have to download the whole blockchain from the beginning.

Say the lastest blocks to sync is for the last 5 days network. Then when a new block is sync, the oldest block of that 5 days will be removed from the light wallet…

I am sorry that I am not an expert on blockchain so this suggestion may be silly or already too popular. However, that is an idea of a man working on academic science field. Thank you if you let me know your thoughts.

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We have yoroi now also a light wallet on Google chrome extension… But if you try to build your own…it’s good so holders might use your wallet.

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No use for those of us who don’t use Google Chrome. I know it is a popular browser, but not everyone chooses to use it.

How about something like the Neon Wallet - a PROPER light desktop wallet?



I just replied to this question in your other post. Please don’t duplicate, it causes time wasting, risks confusion and annoyance.

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