Sign a transaction with shared hosting using php?

I am new to cardano programming and I am using shared hosting so installing anything CLI is not possible.

I need to programmatically sign mass payout transactions every 24 hours. Mass payout is a requirement as they are micro transactions and tx fees are more than the transaction themselves.

I have tried finding services that can do this - none seem to exist. Of the ones I have found that claim they can do mass payouts, they all say “we send each transaction individually not as a pass payout on the chain.”

I have tried finding code that can do this - all seem to require server level software installations or nodes that control the wallets.

Is there a way to sign a transaction using php with a wallet address / key pair? I can find node services that will push a pre-signed transaction but I cannot find any way to actually sign the transaction.

I am aware of all the reasons storing a wallet key in coding is not recommended but I really need this for the app to work. Manually doing payouts each day is not a viable option.

Are there any libs and tutorials anywhere that make this possible?